Interests on stockholders Equity (JCP)

We inform our shareholders that the Board of Directors, at the meeting held on March 22 nd, 2011, decided to declare, "ad referendum" of the General Shareholder¿s Meeting, to the shareholders inscribed on March 22 nd, 2011 in the company records, interest on stockholders equity, to the amount of R$ 0,06823529 per share. The payment will begin on August 17, 2011. The interest on stockholders equity will be attributed to the compulsory dividends, as determined by article 5 of WEG¿s by-laws.

The payment will be made to the net amount of R$ 0,058000000 per share, after the withholding of income tax of 15% (fifteen percent), except for legal entities shareholders that have informed the depository financial institution Banco Bradesco S.A. of the exemption from the previously mentioned taxation by legal provision. From March 23, 2011 onwards, the shares issued by WEG S.A. will trade on BM&F Bovespa S.A. market as "ex-payment of interest on stockholders equity."

Shareholders will have their credits available to them according to banking data informed the depository financial institution Banco Bradesco S.A., from the previously informed date of beginning of payment onwards. Shareholders that have their shares under the custody of Companhia Brasileira de Liquidação e Custódia (CBLC) will have their interest on stockholders equity amounts credited to this company, which shall then transfer the amounts to the respective shareholders through the depositary brokers.

Shareholders without banking data for the payment must go to the Banco Bradesco branch of their preference with the "AVISO PARA RECEBIMENTO DE PROVENTOS DE AÇÕES ESCRITURAIS" they will receive by mail and proper identification. More detailed information may be obtained from the depository financial institution Banco Bradesco S.A., at the Shares and Custody Department, at Cidade de Deus, Osasco, SP, phone +55 11 3684-9495 or directly from WEG S.A., at Avenida Prefeito Waldemar Grubba, 3.300, Jaraguá do Sul, SC, phone +55 47 3276-6973.

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